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An otoplasty, otherwise known as ear pinning, is designed to restructure the angle and shape of protruding or uneven ears.

Ear surgery aims to reshape part of the cartilage in the ears so that they lie closer to the side of the head.

Preparation for otoplasty surgery

The first step is to organise a consultation with Dr Peters in Brisbane, where you can discuss your concerns and expectations, ask questions, and learn more about what happens during the procedure. Then, you can begin to think about how you can prepare for your surgery to ensure a sufficient recovery afterwards. We suggest:

  • Preparing an area in your home designed for you to recover comfortably
  • Making sure that you will have access to pillows, ice packs, and entertainment to keep you comfortable and occupied while you are recovering
  • Pre-preparing some healthy meals
  • Ensuring that you have enough comfortable and loose-fitted clothing to wear
  • Filling any needed prescriptions before your procedure date

You will be provided with information about how to best prepare for your specific procedure and post-surgery care requirements by Dr Peters and a Valley Plastic Surgery nurse.


Details of your recovery including symptoms that you may experience or specific postoperative care instructions that you need to follow will be provided by Dr Peters during your otoplasty surgery consultation.

You can discuss any concerns you may have about your recovery during your pre-operative consultation with Dr Peters and a VPS clinic nurse as well as your review appointments post-operatively.

How much does otoplasty surgery cost in Brisbane?

The costs associated with surgery vary greatly with the type and complexity of the procedure. When you attend an initial consult, and decide you would like to consider surgery, you will receive a surgical quote which will also include estimates for any rebates you may be eligible for.

As a general rule, plastic surgery for cosmetic reasons is not covered by private health insurance funds or Medicare. Some operations, that have a significant functional aspect, may be considered medical rather than cosmetic and, as such, may attract a small rebate. These procedures have Medicare Item Numbers and if applicable, will be outlined in your quote.

Otoplasty Surgery Risks & Complications

Every surgery has general risks, in addition to procedure specific risks. The risks associated with otoplasty will be discussed with you during your consultation with Dr Peters.

Adhering to recovery guidelines can help minimise certain risks and complications. Ensuring that you closely monitor the state and health of your breasts and notifying your doctor of any concerns is the best way to mitigate your risk of adverse outcomes.

You can discuss any concerns that you may have about the possible risks and complications of undergoing otoplasty surgery in Brisbane with Dr Peters.

Your questions answered Frequently Asked Questions

Generally, otoplasty produces permanent results. Changes in the appearance of the ears after surgery, or ‘ear relaxation,’ may occur. Suture extrusion may also occur, in which permanent stitches that are holding the new ear shape are brought to the skin’s surface, but these can be removed and replaced.

Otoplasty can be performed on children as young as 5 years old, however, Dr Peters does not usually operate on anyone under the age of 16.

During your otoplasty procedure, Dr Peters will make an incision on the back surface of your ear, through which he will reshape the cartilage and reposition the ears.

Fluid accumulation in the ears is a possible side effect of otoplasty, that can cause balance issues. Every effort will be taken to reduce your risks of such a complication occurring from a surgical perspective. In conjunction with surgeon factors, ensuring you follow all post-operative instructions provided to you is the best way for you to mitigate your risks.  

Otoplasty is usually required on both ears to strive for a symmetrical appearance.

Your hearing ability should be completely unaffected, as otoplasty is performed on the outer ear area and does not involve the inner ear structures. However, it may improve hearing ability for some patients if the outer ear structure is significantly changed. Otoplasty is designed with the purpose to address aesthetic ear concerns and is not designed as a medical procedure to address hearing loss.

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