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A large part of Dr Peters’ practice is body contouring surgery. By removing excess skin and tissue from the upper arm region, functional concerns can be addressed, as well as restoring the contour of the upper arms.

Loss of tone in the arm region can occur as a result of significant weight loss, ageing or genetic factors.

Excess tissue can cause cosmetic concerns with appearance, as well as functional concerns with irritation and rashes. Surgical correction can address these concerns and produce a smoother, tighter, more contoured arm profile.

Brachioplasty procedures can be performed in conjunction with other body contour procedures. Dr Peters will assess whether this is a suitable option for your individual circumstances during your initial consultation.

How do I prepare for arm lift surgery?

The first step is to organise a consultation with Dr Peters, where you can discuss your concerns and expectations, ask questions, and learn more about what happens during the procedure.

If surgery is a suitable option for you, Dr Peters will provide information about preparation and post-surgery recovery requirements for your specific procedure. Any further instructions will be discussed with you during your consultation with a Valley Plastic Surgery nurse.

We suggest that you prepare an area in your home for you to recover comfortably, with pillows, ice packs, and entertainment. You may also choose to pre-prepare some healthy meals, purchase some comfortable, loose clothing and fill any needed prescriptions before your procedure date.

Am I a suitable candidate for an arm lift?

The decision to undergo brachioplasty is highly personal.

You may be a suitable candidate for an arm lift if you have concerns with excess tissue and skin in your upper arm region, are physically healthy, have realistic expectations regarding surgery, and are at a stable weight.

Booking in for a comprehensive, confidential, and personal consultation with Dr Peters is the best way to find out whether this is a suitable procedure for you.

Your questions answered Frequently Asked Questions

During an arm lift, an incision is usually made along the inside of the arm, from the armpit to the elbow. This allows Dr Peters to remove excess skin and pockets of fat, before stitching the skin back together.

Brachioplasty procedures are often performed in conjunction with other body contour procedures. Dr Peters can assess whether this is a suitable option for you in your initial consultation.

The cost of your brachioplasty is dependent on various factors, such as the complexity of the procedure, hospital fees, and anaesthesia fees. Medicare rebates and private health contributions (if you are insured and have the appropriate level of cover) depend on whether your procedure is considered medical or cosmetic. You will receive a detailed quote and information regarding how to check your eligibility after your consultation if you and Dr Peters decide surgery is a suitable option for you.

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